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Posiflex provides customized and scalable POS Machine, Printers, Barcode Scanners and POS Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

#1 POS Solution In The Industry

POSIFLEX is a global leader in designing and manufacturing of PC and peripheral OEM/ODM products. POSIFLEX began its transformation in 1991 to commit to the professional design and production of point of sale (POS) management systems and peripheral products and started marketing OBM products worldwide under the brand name POSIFLEX in 1996. Now, POSIFLEX is marketed worldwide as one of the leading brands in the industry and has established subsidiaries and offices in various nations (e.g., the United States, Germany, Japan, India, China, Singapore and Malaysia) to provide local and prompt services.

Housed under POSIFLEX, a global leader in designing and manufacturing POS Peripherals, RUGTEK, was positioned to cater various SME businesses’ economic and budget-oriented needs in retail. Since 2017, RUGTEK has established itself as a prominent POS peripherals company to complement the mainline, POSIFLEX POS offerings.

What We Offer

industry wise use cases

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industry requires products with high levels of durability and longevity due to the harsh operating conditions. The IP ratings, drop sustenance, reliable service, and support of our products ensure that they work without any problems or defects in rugged environments. The touch screen used for controlling machines and product quality inspection at manufacturing plants are some of the best examples for Posiflex’s product catalogue at manufacturing plants

Hassle-free operations at Manufacturing Plan

We at Posiflex have designed our touch monitors to work in the harsh environments to offer all the information that is needed for operations to run smoothly at a manufacturing plant. From the details of the machinery to employee specifics all the data are available on the touch monitors making it a go-to tech for engineers and machine operators.

Built for Rugged Environment

Posiflex’s products are built to withstand temperature changes and harsh operating environment. The manufacturing floor operators need products that are sturdy and can survive the high levels of abuse on them. We use the best of the hardware components to tolerate the beating our products may take to offer trouble-free performance.

Strong Service and Support Network

Dedicated to providing a reliable service and support to all our customers, we at Posiflex strive hard to offer customer satisfaction at every level. As any trouble at manufacturing plants can cost huge production losses, we make sure you are assisted any time for our product troubles.

Healthcare Products

The Healthcare industry requires technology that needs to improve the customer experience at multiple locations within the hospitals. At Posiflex, we have a range of POS systems that are suited for the healthcare industry that offer the power of a touch, convenience, and seamless transactions.

Best in class touch screen displays

The Touch Screens on our POS systems ensure the best touch response and are available in a wide range with or without an option of a secondary display. Our touch screen comes with a good screen resolution to ensure smooth readability and all the information are available without any distractions.

Mobility enables smooth backend Operations

Our Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) Technology enables faster inventory count or asset tracking in the stores, assist in checking-in registration counters, and help inpatient care within the hospital ward for medical supervision.

Faster POS Machines lead to Faster Registration and Checkout

Our POS systems are equipped with powerful processors to handle processes such as patient registrations, checkouts, and scheduling doctor visits. This in-turn results in better patient management and improves the processes in hospitals, resulting in faster transactions.

Hospitality - Restaurant, QSR, Resort/Hotel

The hospitality industry has always been the one to be on the fast run to make sure the processes happen without any glitches as a minute of lag may result in a customer behaviour change. So, to counter all the mis-happenings, we have designed our POS systems for specific industries to offer you optimum performance at the needed times. No matter where our POS machines are installed, a restaurant counter, QSR, resorts, or at a hotel lobby, they are guaranteed to work without any lag and assist you 24/7.

Built for the industry

From the design to the peripherals fitted onto the POS machines, these machines will fit into any restaurant space or a hotel reception taking up minimal space and promising you of a clutter-free workspace. Similarly, in modern retail stores, FSRs and QSRs, a high volume of small transactions is seen requiring good processing speed and bigger memory (RAM). So, catering to the necessities our POS machines offer the right hardware for your businesses.

A Value for Money Buy

The All-in-one POS machines available with us are all made to offer solutions to most of the processes in a restaurant or a hotel. Our POS machines have it all that you are looking for a restaurant within a well- constructed body that is also designed to withstand any environment. Features such as IP65 rating and Clear Cable Management leaves no room for worry in a restaurant or a hotel.

Strong Service and Support Network

As a company that is committed to offering a strong, reliable service and support, we have been in the POS industry for 20+ years with customer satisfaction as our pillar. Particularly in the hospitality industry, we understand that even the smallest of an issue can cost a customer’s time and can impact your reputation so, we make sure we are available at your call at any given time.

Retail - Modern Retail, Kirana Stores/Mom & Pop Stores, and Hypermarket

In today’s technological world, a point of sale machine is one of the most needed systems in any brick and mortar store. The value addition a point of sale machine brings in within a retail store is not just limited to a seamless consumer experience but also elevates the brand value. Billing being the final touch point of a consumer within a retail store, POS terminals play a very important role in cutting down long billing queues and ensure a faster payment process.

Made for Retail Industry

Posiflex offers products such as touch screen POS machines and all in one touch POS that includes or excludes all the peripherals in one hardware unit. Also, these point of sale machines are made to suit different environments of a store and are built with rugged components that can withstand almost any situation.

Wide Range of POS Peripherals

We at Posiflex understand the needs of a customer and have expressed our concern with our products. Firstly, most of our products starting from an all in one Point of sale unit to a thermal printer are designed to take up less space or no space by offering you the convenience of mobility and Bluetooth connectivity. Most of the devices come with a list of optional POS peripherals that can be added to your existing point of sale machines or can be attached to a new one.

Assured Durability and Longevity

Most of our products at Posiflex are IP65 rated and can withstand accidental falls. Also, the point of sale machines is built with rugged components and are designed to offer longevity. We are a brand known for premium products and best in class service from 20+ years with all expertise needed to offer you a smooth customer journey.

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+91 98100 69708

+91 98100 69708